This blog contains many of my electronic designs. If you're interressted in, I can also provide you the hardware (when i have some stock...)

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Ce site contient certains de mes designs électroniques. Pour certain montage il me reste du stock. Suffit de demander

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About me

I was always interested in technical stuff like electronic, microcontroller, RF. That is also a main part of my job. I began as an electronic engineer and now I’m a project manager. This gives me another point of view. Now, the main question is how I could simplify my work. Electronic is still a point of interest but it’s now completed with programming (web application and embedded code) and 3D printing! If you have question, please ask.

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Clear the Cupboard : The isolated DMX splitter schema

Clear the cupboard series Over the years, you have a lot of electronic stuff pushed into your cupboard. Now it’s time to clear a little bit this and why not having strange new designs. The isolated DMX splitter Well, just

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PM350 working again!

Marantz PM350 : How to repair a vintage amp

Introduction A guy bring to me a MARANTZ PM350 amplifier. He says that to have a little sound the volume button has to be set to the maximum. And, it only works on left channel. The PM350 is a vintage

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IDE to USB Hardware failure

Low cost IDE to USB adapter… WARNING!

Hello, A short post to share the issue I had with a low cost IDE to USB adapter. First it works fine and after a while, access to the disk goes wrong. I opened the external disk and I found

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WordPress Spacious theme modification

Hey, you certainly noticed that the website had a new look. I used the wordpress Spacious theme. You can find it here.  This theme is responsive and you can highly customize the header. Basic header consiste of a picture and

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Signature numérique part 3 : Signer un PDF

Introduction Dans les posts précédents, nous avons vu comment mettre en place une signature numérique et comment les générer. Dans ce troisième volet, nous allons aborder l’utilisation du  pour signer un PDF. Pour cela nous utiliserons Acrobat Reader (qui reste