Last time I gave you a simple DMX isolated splitter schematic. It’s very usefull to isolated DMX networks and also to boost the signal over long distances. In this article you will find the product realisation



The PCB was manufactured by EUROCIRCUIT in two layers with silkscreen.


Mounted components

On both sides, the components are mounted

DMX isolated splitter PCB top side DMX isolated splitter PCB bottom side

Panel integration

The panels were 3D-Printed. Very easy to do and fit perfectly to the PCB and the box.

DMX isolated splitter Back panel DMX isolated splitter Front panel

Box integration

As the PCB and the front panels have the right size, it fits in the box without any screws.

DMX isolated splitter Open Box Finalized DMX isolated splitter

That’s it.

See you,

Clear the Cupboard : The isolated DMX splitter Realisation
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